Axia SuperNet Ltd.: 8662-A90-201015793

Application to review and vary of Decision 2010-639

2011-01-13 - Telecom Decision 2011-28 Axia SuperNet Ltd. – Application to review and vary certain determinations in Telecom Decision 2010-639 concerning the use of deferral account funds by TELUS Communications Company
File number: 8662-A90-201015793

2010-11-19 - Axia SuperNet Ltd.
Description: This reply is filed by Axia SuperNet Ltd. in respect of the above-noted application by Axia seeking a review and variance of Telecom Decision CRTC 2010-639.
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2010-11-12 - Slave Lake Communications LTD
Description: Slave Lake Communications LTD supports Axia's application to review and vary the Commission's decision permitting TELUS to use deferral account funds to subsidize the construction of duplicate backbone transport facilities to communities already servce by SuperNet.
Document: 1465617.pdf - 495KB

2010-11-12 - Shaw Communications Inc.
Description: Shaw Communications Inc. (Shaw) is in receipt of the above referenced Application filed by Axia SuperNet Ltd. (Axia) dated October 20, 2010. Shaw hereby provides its comments in relation to the Application.
Document: 1461516.pdf - 112KB

2010-11-12 - TELUS Communications Company
Description: In accordance with the procedure set out by the Commission in its letter dated 28 October 2010, TELUS Communications Company (“TELUS”) herewith files its Answer to the above Application filed pursuant to Part VII of the CRTC Telecommunications Rules of Procedure by Axia SuperNet Ltd. dated 20 October 2010. TELUS notes that it has already addressed Axia’s request for a stay in its response dated 3 November 2010.
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2010-10-28 - Commission Letter
Description:  Letter addressed to Interested Parties to Telecom Public Notice CRTC 2006-15 -  Re: Part VII application by Axia SuperNet Ltd. to review and vary Telecom Decision 2010-639

2010-10-20 - Axia SuperNet Ltd.
Description: Please find enclosed a Part VII Application by Axia SuperNet Ltd. seeking a review and variance of the Commission's reversal in the Decision of the requirement that TELUS Communications Company use SuperNet transport to serve deferral account communities where it is least cost. Axia also seeks a stay of this aspect of the Decision pending the Commission's consideration of this application.
Document: 1453665.pdf - 1486KB

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