2006-03-09 - # 8638-C12-200603789 - Follow-up to Decision 2006-11 - Bell Digital Voice Service

File Closed - Commission Letter - 2006-06-22

2006-11-16 - Telecom Circular CTC 2006-10 Access-independent VoIP services pursuant to Order in Council P.C. 2006-1314

2006-06-22 - Commission Letter
File #: 8638-C12-200603789 - 8661-C12-200507973
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Re: Bell Digital Voice Lite Service

2006-06-02 - Bell Canada
Description:  In Telecom Order CRTC 2005-397, Bell Digital Voice Lite Service , the Commission directed Bell Canada (or the Company), within six months, to implement solutions for Bell Digital Voice Lite Service (BDVL) in order to provide local number portability (LNP) for (a) out-of-territory telephone numbers used as primary numbers; and (b) in-territory and out-of-territory telephone numbers used as secondary numbers.
Document: 632599.doc - 69KB

2006-04-10 - Bell Canada
Description: In Telecom Decision CRTC 2006-11, Bell Digital Voice Service, (Decision 2006-11) the Commission approved on a final basis, Bell Canada Tariff Notices 6874, 6874A and 6878, subject to certain conditions as outlined at paragraph 62 of that Decision.
Document: 612603.doc - 86KB

2006-04-10 - Bell Canada
Description:  Pursuant to paragraph 62 of Telecom Decision CRTC 2006-11, Bell Canada (or the Company) is submitting, for the Commission's reference, the Company's proposed customer notification text with respect to service limitations relating to standard features and calling to particular numbers
Document: 612565.zip - 30KB

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