Competitive Disputes (8622): 2004

Date            File # / Subject Decision     
2004-09-10 8622-X4-200409906

Xit Télécom Inc. - In relation to the disposal of a contract for the implementation of fibre optics networks for the Commission scolaire de la Côte du Sud

2004-07-20 8622-C122-200407941

Cybersurf Corp. v. Vidéotron (1998) ltée - Application to resolve certain matters related to the resale of Vidéotron's Higher-Speed Internet Services

2004-07-20 8622-C122-200407933

Cybersurf Corp. v. Rogers Cable Inc - Application to resolve certain matters related to the Rollout of Third Party Internet Access and related resale issues

2004-06-16 8622-J56-200407363

Interbaun Communications - Non-compliance of Shaw to comply with decisions 2003-87 and 2004-24

2004-04-30 8622-W25-200404210

WorldCom Canada Ltd. (MCI Canada) vs. Bell Canada - Competitor Digital Network Access (CDNA) Dispute

2004-04-15 8622-E17-200403650

EastLink - Aliant Telecom Inc. non-compliance with Telecom Decision 2004-21

2004-03-22 8622-C25-200402347

Call-Net Enterprises Inc. - Application for relief in respect of Telus CWAN Agreement

2004-03-22 8622-F18-200402321

FCI Broadband & Maskatel Inc. - Application regarding the provision stand alone ILEC DSL services to CLEC voice customers served over parallel local networks

File closed
2004-02-12 8622-M22-200401620

Maskatel Inc. - Request to lift restrictions on the provision of retail digital subscriber line Internet services

File closed
2004-01-30 8622-C25-200400812

Call-Net Enterprises Inc. - Application for expedited interim relief and final relief regarding Bell Canada's attempt to take over certain Sprint Canada's long distance customers

2004-01-28 8622-C122-200400656

Cybersurf Corp. - Breach by Shaw to comply with Telecom Decision 2003-87

2004-01-23 8622-A74-200400557

Allstream Corp. & Call-Net Enteprises Inc. (the Competitors) - Requesting that the Commission deny approval to the backlog of Type 2 CSAs


*NFAR = No further action required

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