City of Calgary (Joint Applicant - Municipalities): 8665-C126-200315699

CRTC designation of '311' for non-emergency municipal government services in Canada

2004-11-05 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2004-71 Assignment of 311 for non-emergency municipal government services. Reference: 8665-C126-200315699. ( pdf ) )

2004-09-14 - City of Toronto
Description: The City of Toronto has now been advised that Alberta Health and Wellness (AHW), on behalf of the provincial and territorial Deputy-Ministers of Health, has filed an application dated August 24, 2004 with the Commission requesting the assignment of 311 for “access to first level (primary) health care non-urgent telephone health triage services” (the AHW Application), which is attached as Appendix “A” to this letter
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2004/01/30 - City of Calgary (Joint Applicant - Municipalities)
Description: Attached please find our reply comments on the above file, regarding Assignment of 311 to non-emergency municipal government services.
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2004/01/15 - Allstream Corp.
Description: Allstream is in receipt of comments from Bell Canada, MTS Communications Inc., Saskatchewan Telecommunications (collectively, Bell et al.), TELUS Communications Inc., TELUS Communications (Québec) Inc., TELE-MOBILE Company (collectively, TELUS and the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (the CWTA) on 12 January 2004 regarding this application
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2004/01/12 - Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA)
Description: CWTA comments regarding "Assignment of '311' to non-emergency municipal services".
Document: 040112.doc - 55KB

2004/01/12 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: Pursuant to the Commission directions as set out in its correspondence dated December 18, 2003, the following Response is provided by TELUS
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2004/01/12 - United Way of Greater Toronto
Description: Attached please find a letter respecting the above noted application from United Way of Greater Toronto.
Document: 040112.doc - 35KB

2004/01/12 - EastLink
Description: Pursuant to the Commission's letter, EastLink hereby files comments regarding this application.
Document: 040112.doc - 168KB

2004/01/12 - Aliant Telecom Inc.
Description: In the Applicants' submission, the Applicants request that the Commission direct that the three-digit number "311" be reserved for telephone access to non-emergency municipal government services.
Document: 040112.doc - 41KB

2004/01/12 - Bell Canada, MTS Communications Inc. and Saskatchewan Telecommunications (the Companies)
Description: In accordance with the procedures specified by the Commission in its correspondence dated 17 November 2003 regarding this Part VII application, the Companies submit the attached comments.
Document: 040112.doc - 155KB

2003/12/18 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to The Telephone Companies, Wireless Service Providers and other Carriers File No.: 8180-2; Competitive Local Exchange Carriers CLEC) File No.: 8180-8; Independent Carriers (Ontario & Québec) and Non-dominant Carriers File No.: 8180-4) - Further to Commission's letter dated 17 November 2003

2003/11/17 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to the Telephone Companies and other Carriers - Re: Application from The City Calgary (Joint Applicant - Municipalities) requested the assignment of 3-1-1 for non-emergency municipal government services in Canada

2003/10/31 - City of Calgary (Joint Applicant - Municipalities)
Description: Please accept the following attachments as formal Application to the CRTC (under Part VII of the Telecommunications Rules of Procedure), requesting the designation of '311' for telephone access to non-emergency municipal government services.
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"Comments received by alphabetical order"

Alberta Health and Wellness, Roger Palmer
Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
Association of Municipalities of Ontario, Ken Boshcoff
Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Peter Cuthbert
Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, Kenneth L. Kelly
City of Brampton
City of Calgary, Noreen Rude
City of Richmond
City of Vancouver, Judy Rogers
City of Windsor, Brenda Andreatta
Community Information Toronto, Cheryl May
Distress Centre/Drug Centre (Calgary)
Halifax Regional Municipality, Fire & Emergency Service
Halifax Regional Police
Hooper, Diana
Ontario Telecommunications Association, Mike Andrews
Regional Municipality of Durham, Roger Anderson
Town of Hamilton, Carolyn Biggs
Union des Municipalités du Québec, Francine Ruest Jutras
Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities, John Morgan
United Way of Canada, Al Hatton
United Way of Halifax Region, Terry Norman & Joanne Linzey
Ville de Gatineau, Mark Laroche
Ville de Gatineau, Gilles Sabourin
Ville de Montréal, Robert Abdallah

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