Support Structures/Rights of Way (8690): 2002

Date   File number Subject Decision
2002/08/09 8690-A4-05/02 AT&T Canada vs. City of Edmonton File closed
2002/06/24 8690-A4-04/02 AT&T Canada - Seeking a Commission order setting out the terms and conditions under which the City of Calgary may grant continuing access to public highways and municipal property within the City's jurisdiction D2005-47
D2004-79 D2003-82
2002/04/12 8690-D30-01/02 Delta Cable - Denial by Telus for Delta to place plant on or in their support structure NFAR
2002/03/15 8690-C111-01/02 CBF Télécom against Commission Scolaire Western Québec relating to the facility of fibre optical private networks File closed
2002/03/06 8690-V22-01/02 Vidéotron Télécom against Bell Canada and Bell Nexxia, relative to the provision of fibre optical private networks D2005-8

*NFAR = No further action required

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