Forbearance Applications (8640): 2002

Date   File number  Subject Decision
2002/11/14 8640-P1-01/02 People's Telephone Company - Request forbearance from regulation of the installation, maintenance rearrangement and repair of single line inside wiring and jacks D2004-1
2002/08/28 8640-T42-05/02 Telus Communications - Forbearance of Section 29 Agreements Related to Forborne Domestic Toll Services and Forborne Interexchange Private Line Services D2003-77
2002/07/05 8640-T78-01/02 Télébec/Northern Telephone Limited - Forbearance from Regulation of  Cellular Services and Personnels Communications  D2003-81
2002/07/05 8640-R4-01/02 Rogers Cable Inc. - Forbearance in relation to third party Internet access services provided by Rogers in business location File Closed
2002/06/18 8640-T42-04/02 TCI - Application Requesting Forbearance for Additional Interexchange Private Line Routes D2003-29
2002/06/18 8640-T42-03/02 TCI - Application Requesting a New Process for Consideration of Additional Interexchange Private Line Routes for Forbearance D2003-37
2002/05/16 8640-T42-02/02 TCI - Application for Forbearance of Single Line Inside Wire Services D2003-69
2002/02/08 8640-S22-02/02 SaskTel - Application for forbearance of inside wire service D2003-38
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