Social and Consumer Issues(8670): 2001

Date        File number Subject       Decision
2001/07/26 8665-J44-01/01 ITS Canada - 511 for Traveller Information Services NFAR
File Closed
2001/06/19 8665-C100-01/01 Crisis Centre for Greater Vancouver "For N11 Dialing" - To pursue a pilot project in B.C.  NFAR
File Closed
2001/05/29 8665-C12-14/01 Public Notice 2001-60 - CRTC seeks public input on the confidentiality provisions of Canadian carriers (Erratum PN 2001-60-1) D2003-33-1
2001/04/15 8665-S49-01/01 CHRIS STARK - Access to Bell Canada's Telecommunications and Satellite Service Information and Equipment by Persons who are Blind D2007-19
2001/03/15 8638-C12-46/01 Bill Management Tools (BMTs)
(see file 8638-C12-46/01)
2001/03/05 8665-C12-13/01 Public Notice 2001-34 - CRTC seeks public input on telemarketing rules D2004-35
2001/02/23 8665-Q1-02/01 Québec Telephone- Service Improvement Plan  
2001/02/23 8665-Q1-01/01 Québec Telephone - Request for financial need  
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