Forbearance Applications (8640): 2001

Date        File number   Subject       Decision
2001/09/26 8640-A53-01/01 Aliant et al - Forbearance for International Private Line Telecommunications Services D2002-24
2001/06/29 8640-N3-03/01 Northern Telephone - Forbearance for High Capacity/DDS Interexchange Private Line Service on Certain Routes Withdrawn
2001/04/04 8640-T2-02/01 Teleglobe Canada Limited Partnership - Application for forbearance from the regulation of Teleglobe's Remaining Tariffed Services O2001-689
2001/02/01 8640-Q1-03/01 Québec-Téléphone - Application for forbearance from regulating - Installation,  Repair and Maintenance of inside wiring line O2001-416
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