2008-05-15 - # 8740-B2-200807100 - Bell Canada - AMT 7133 - Tarif général - service d'accès par ligne numérique à paires asymétriques (LNPA)

2010-10-15 - Ordonnance de télécom 2010-767 Bell Aliant Communications régionales, société en commandite et Bell Canada – Service d’accès par ligne numérique à paires asymétriques (LNPA)
Numéros de dossiers : AMT 192 de Bell Aliant et AMT 7133 de Bell Canada

2008-06-25 - Coalition of Internet Service Providers inc. (CISP)
Description: Please find enclosed the comments of the Coalition of Internet Service Providers inc. (CISP) in the aforementioned applications. CISP requests that the Commission deny all applications filed by Bell et al. and grants the application filed by MTS Allstream.
Document:  921547.pdf - 59KO

2008-06-16 - MTS Allstream Inc.
Description: MTS Allstream Inc. (MTS Allstream) is in receipt of Tariff Notice (TN) dated 15 May 2008 whereby Bell Canada, Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership (the Companies) are proposing to withdraw the Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) High-Speed Service provider Interface and ADSL Access components of their General Tariff – Item 5400 ADSL Access service.
Document: 918248.pdf - 75KB

2008-06-09 - Lettre du Conseil
Dossier #: 8740-B2-200807100 - 8740-B54-200807117
Description: Lettre adressée à Bell Canada - Objet: Avis de modification tarifaire 7133 de Bell Canada et 192 de Bell Aliant

2008-06-05 - Managed Network Systems Inc.
Description: Managed Network Systems Inc. (“MNSi”) is in receipt of a May 29th letter submitted by Execulink Telecom Inc. (“Execulink”) regarding the above-referenced Tariff Notices.
Document: 914007.pdf - 16KO

2008-05-29 - Execulink Telecom
Description: Execulink Telecom Inc. (Execulink) is in receipt of Bell Aliant Tariff Notice 192 (TN 192) and Bell Canada Tariff Notice 7133 (TN7133) dated 15 May 2008.
Document: 911210.pdf - 25KO

2008-05-20 - Coalition of Internet Service Providers Inc.
Description: The record of the Essential Services proceeding has made it clear that Bell Canada does not want to offer General Tariff Item 5400 and that every time it has been asked to provide this service by another party than BCE Nexxia Inc., it has denied providing this service on the basis that Bell Canada would need to spend hundreds of thousands in OSS/BSS in order to provide this service to a third party.
Document: 908175.doc - 30KO

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