2007-07-31 - #8740-B54-200711079 - Bell Aliant Regional Communications, Limited Partnership - AMT 109 - Tarif général - Service centrex III et Service de gestion de téléphonie IP

Dossier fermé - Lettre du Conseil - 2007-08-13

2007-08-13 - Lettre du Conseil
Dossier #: 8740-B54-200711079 - 8740-B2-200711061
Description: Lettre adressée à Bell Canada - Objet: Avis de modifications tarifaires 109 et 7054 - Servcie centrex III et Service de gestion de téléphonie IP

2007-08-03 - MTS Allstream Inc.
Description: MTS Allstream Inc. (MTS Allstream) is in receipt of Tariff Notices 7054 (TN 7054) and 109 (TN 109) filed by Bell Canada and Bell Aliant Regional Communications (Bell Aliant), respectively, on 31 July 2007, requesting that the Commission authorize the aggregation of tariffed and forborne Centrex Service and Managed Internet Protocol Telephony Service (MIPTS) components to determine volume rate or discount levels. MTS Allstream is also in receipt of TELUS Communications Company and TELUS Communications (B.C.) Inc. (collectively, TELUS) Tariff Notices 593 and 4283 for Local Business Contract Option, which received final approval in Telecom Order CRTC 2007-268 dated 31 July 2007.
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