2004-12-14 - #8740-T46-200415101 - TELUS Communications (B.C.) Inc. (TCBC) - AMT 4224  - Tarif général - Service radiotéléphonique de zone locale en Colombie-Britannique

2005-04-07 - Ordonnance de télécom CRTC 2005-131
Le Conseil approuve la demande présentée par TELUS Communications Inc. (TCI) visant à accorder un droit acquis au service radiotéléphonique de zone locale en Colombie-Britannique et, à la lumière des conclusions qu'il a prises, il ordonne à TCI de publier dans les 60 jours un rapport préliminaire sur les technologies de remplacement. Référence : AMT 4224 de TCBC.

2005-09-01 - TELUS Communications Inc
Description: In Telecom Order CRTC 2005-131 (the “EARS Order”), the Commission directed TELUS Communication Inc. (“TCI” or the “Company”) to file, within 60 days of the EARS Order
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2005-05-05 - Lettre du Conseil
Description: Lettre adressée à TELUS Communications Inc. - Objet : CRTC Ordonnance 2005-131 - Service radiotéléphonique de zone locale TELUS Communications Inc. (Référence: TCBC Avis de modification tarifaire 4224)

2005-04-29 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: TCI writes herewith to request that the Commission consider granting the Company an extension of 3 months for filing the preliminary report as noted above, and as described at paragraphs 24 to 27 of Order 2005-131, that is a filing date of September 6, 2005.
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2005-02-15 - Bruce Branch
Description:  I should not be surprised at the inaccuracies, misleading comments and diversions prepared by high priced lawyers for Telus, but none the less it is disheartening as we prepare to abandon long time clients and potentially put them at serious risk.
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2005-02-14 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: TELUS Communications Inc. (“TCI” or the Company”) is in receipt of written comments from ten customers (as at February 9, 2005) in respect of the Company’s Tariff Notice No. 4224 (“TN 4224”) to grandfather the Exchange Area Radiotelephone Service in British Columbia (the “EARS”) provided for in TCBC General Tariff (CRTC 1005), Item 255.
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2005-02-02 - Bruce Branch
Description: I am appalled at the consideration of allowing Telus to discontinue this service to this rural community.
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2005-02-01 - Clarence Belisle
Description:  I am writing to voice my profond concern regarding Telus Communications Inc.'s application to grandfather the Exchange Area Radiotelephone Service (EARS) in British Columbia, its proposed reduction in service and, obviously, the eventual withdrawal of service.
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2005-01-31 - Gilbert Bradner
Description: I have owned a summer residence on Nelson Island (Pender Harbour exchange) for 35 years where I have received telephone service from BC Tel and later Telus.
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2005-01-31 - Quarry Harbour Strata
Descripton: With regard to the Tariff Notice # 4224 as filed by TELUS on December 14, 2004, we, the residents of Quarry Bay, on Nelson Island, British Columbia, users (account name Kenneth D Harford) of Exchange Area Radiotelephone Service (EARS) have some reservations.
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2005-01-30 - John Picken
Description: I am writing in regard to the move by Telus to limit and eventually discontinue the EarsLink phone service to Nelson Island.
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2005-01-29 - The Harding Family
Description: We are writing you in regard to the move by Telus to limit and eventually discontinue the EarsLink phone service to Nelson Island.
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2005-01-21 - Werner H. Mettler
Description: This is to advise you that we have sold Brethour Island at he beginning of December 2004 and therefor do not need any longer your services out there.
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2005-01-10 - Myra A. Campbell & Bert Beausoleil
Desciption: We strongly recommend that Telus not only be granted their request but has EARS be re-instated to its former status, if at all possible.
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2005-01-08 - Laurie Wood
Document: I am writing in regards to Telus's proposal in Tariff Notice No. 4224 for the grandfathering in the Exchange Area Radiotelephone Service (EARS).
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2005-01-03 - Norm & Johanna Kadoski
Description: We are again writing in regard to our telephone service or should I say lack thereof.
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