2003/05/16 - #8740-B2-200306458 - Bell Canada - AMT 6751 - Tarif général -  Service numéro unique

2003/09/08 - Ordonnance de télécom CRTC 2003-365 - Le Conseil approuve l'introduction du Service numéro unique qui offrira aux clients un numéro de téléphone virtuel qu'ils peuvent programmer pour renvoyer des appels à l'endroit où ils se trouvent et leur faire savoir, lorsqu'ils sont sur Internet, qu'ils ont un message. Référence : AMT 6751 de Bell Canada.

2003/08/07 - Jim Mercer
Description: Not to mention the varying implementations of javascript in different browsers.  Try viewing the bell website using Netscape, Explorer and Opera to see the mess that javascript, Flash CSS and other "fancyness" can make of a website.
030807_2.htm - 2KO

2003/08/07 - tOM Trottier
Description: To Bell Regulatory, cc CRTC, others concerned.  Comments interleaved below.
030807_1.htm - 11KO

2003/08/07 - Bell Canada
Description:  In response to tOM Trottier's e-mail dated July 26, 2003, we would like to provide you with the following additional information.
030807.htm - 13KO

2003/08/02 - Carmelo DiBennardo
Description: Recently it has been brought to my attention that Bell Canada has filed a request with the CRTC to change its current service of Prime Line to the Single Number Reach (SNR) product.
030802.htm - 3KO

2003/08/01 - Jim Mercer
Description: Reply comment to Peter Hope-Tindall.
030801_1.htm - 3KO

2003/08/01 - Peter Hope-Tindall
Description: If I may be so bold as to interject into Mr. Mercer's conversation.
030801.htm - 2KO

2003/07/30 - Bell Canada
Description: Reply comment to Jim Mercer, associated with TN 6751 and 6752 from Bell Canada.
030730.htm - 5KO

2003/07/28 - Robert Smith
Description: I look forward to comparing the proposed technology with PrimeLine to confirm my belief that SNR will be a suitable replacement to PrimeLine.
030728_1.htm - 1 KO

2003/07/28 - Robert Schwartz
Description: As a current Prime Line customer, I am writing to voice my SUPPORT for Bell's application to launch their new service known as Single Number Reach (SNR).
030728.htm - 3KB

2003/07/26 - D. Jeros
Description: I have a problem with not being able to make International Calls.
030726_1.htm - 1 KO

2003/07/26 - tOM Trottier
Description: Thank you Bell for your clarifications.  Comments interleaved below.
030726.htm - 9KO

2003/07/24 - Jim Mercer
Description: I'm unclear as to if the Primeline/SNR proposal has been approved, and if there is a final launch date and rate schedule.
030724_4.htm - 2KO

2003/07/24 - Bell Canada
Description: Reply comment to David Whitaker.
030724_3.htm - 4KO

2003/07/24 - Bell Canada
Description: Reply comment to tOM Trottier.
030724_2.htm - 5KO

2003/07/24 - Bell Canada
Description: Reply comment to David King.
030724_1.htm - 3KO

2003/07/24 - Bell Canada
Description: Reply comment to Jim Mercier.
030724.htm - 4KO

2003/07/16 - Paul Chvostek
Description: This is in regard to tariff application 6752 which in conjunction with tariff application 6751 is an attempt by Bell to replace one service (Primeline) with another service (SNR).
030716.htm - 4KO

2003/07/14 - Dave Whitaker
Description:  I still don't fully understand the transparancy issue.
030714_1.htm - 1KO

2003/07/14 - Bell Canada
Description:  As further clarification to our July 8, 2003 submission we are pleased to provide the folloing additional information.
030714.htm - 3KO

2003/07/11 - Unite Communications Corporation
Description: We are in receipt of Bell Canada's Response to the general concerns over the destandardization of PrimeLine and the introduction of Single Number Reach (SNR).
030711_1.pdf - 12KO

2003/07/11 - Peter Hope-Tindall
Description: dataPrivacy partners Ltd. ("dataPrivacy") is in receipt of reply comments from Bell Canada ("Bell") dated and received 2003 07 08 in respect to Bell Tariff Notice No. 6751 ("TN 6751").
030711.pdf - 47KO

2003/07/11 - tOM Trottier
Description: I also support the immediate introduction of SNR, so long as PrimeLine continues until my concerns are allayed.
030711_1.htm - 1 KO

2003/07/11 - Peter Hope-Tindall
Description: I contacted the platform provider (ureach) and they indicate that the interface is web based, not software based.
030711.htm - 1KO

2003/07/10 - Dave Whitaker
Description: I have three questions, and would appreciate it if you could respond to me.
030710.htm - 3KO

2003/07/10 - Jakov Zaidman
Description: I remove my previous reservations and support Bell's submissions TN 6751 and 6752.
030710.htm - 1KO

2003/07/09 - David King
Description: This also concerns me. Will the GUI interface be multiplatform? I am running Mac OSX.
030709_1.htm - 1KO

2003/07/09 - tOM Trottier
Description: Some issues have been covered by Bell's clarifications of July 8, 2003. However, I remain unsatisfied and uninformed on these issues:
030709.htm - 2KO

2003/07/08 - Bell Canada
Description: In these reply comments, the Company provides its response to comments submitted by customers and other parties on the proposed introduction of SNR, and for the planned withdrawal of PrimeLine.
030708.zip - 155KO

2003/07/03 - Dave Whitaker
Description: I would like to add additionnal comments to my earlier letter regarding TN 6751 & 6752.
030703.htm - 20KO

2003/06/20 - tOM Trottier
Description:  I would like to echo some of Mr. Whitaker's comments.
030620.zip - 153KO

2003/06/19 - Dave Whitaker
Description: I would like to submit an intervention regarding CRTC Tariff notices 6752 and 6751.
030619.htm - 21KO

2003/06/12 - dataPrivacy Partners Ltd.
Description: dataPrivacy Partners Ltd. ("dataPrivacy") is in receipt of comments from Unite Communications Corporation ("Unite") dated and received 2003-06-12 in respect to Bell Canada ("Bell") Tariff Notice No. 6751.
030612_1.pdf - 73KO

2003/06/12 - Unite
Description: I must respond to a letter written about our objection to this tariff by Data Privacy Partners Ltd.
030612.pdf - 10KO

2003/06/10 - Sylvain Plante
Description: J'aimerais apporter quelques commentaires sur le transfert éventuel du service ACCÈS TOTAL ÉLITE vers le SERVICE NUMÉRO UNIQUE (SNU).
030610.htm - 3KO

2003/06/09 - Tom Trottier
Description: I would like to echo some of Mr Zaidman's concerns.
030609.htm - 4KB

2003/06/06 - dataPrivacy Partners Ltd.
Description: This letter is in regards to the Bell Canada's (Bell) Tariff Notice 6751, Single Number Reach Service.
030606_1.pdf - 41KO

2003/06/06 - dataPrivacy Partners Ltd.
Description: This letter is subsequent to the comments of Unite Communications Corporation (Unite) with respect to Bell Canada's (Bell) Tariff Notice 6751, Single Number Reach Service.
030606.pdf - 56KO

2003/06/03 - Jakov Zaidman
Description: I reviewed both TN 6751 and 6752, and have the following comments.
030603.htm - 4KO

2003/05/29 - Tom Trottier
Description:  I have reviewed the TN6752 and TN6751 documents and have the following comments (numbers) and requests (letters).
030529_1.htm - 4KO

2003/05/29 - Steve Munster
Description:  We encourage the passage of Tariff 6751 with no objection from us.
030529.htm - 7KO

2003/05/28 - Gary Mooney
Description:  I have reviewed Bell Canada's submission to replace Prime Line by SNR, and I have to say that I am not impressed.
030528.htm - 11KO

2003/05/28 - Bell Canada
Description:  On May 16, 2003, Bell Canada filed Tariff Notice No. 6751 and one of the service features - Presence Aware - was inadvertently omitted from this list.  The Company wishes to correct that oversight with the attached page.
030528.zip - 29KO

2003/05/28 - Unite Communication Corporation
Description:  I am writing to voice my objections to Tariff Notice 6751.
030528.pdf - 14KO

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