Northwestel Inc. - TN 937 and TN 937/A - 8740-N1-201513838

Carrier Access Tariff - Local Interconnection Regions - 2016-12-17 & 2016-02-05

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2016-02-25 - Telecom Order CRTC 2016-71 - Northwestel Inc. – Revisions to Network Interconnection Tariff File number: Tariff Notices 937 and 937A

2016-02-03 - Northwestel Inc.
Description: On December 17. 2015, Northwestel filed proposed tariff changes to update its Network Interconnection Tariff CRTC 21481, Item 100.F in order to update the Local Interconnection Region (LIR) Tariff to include exchanges that have been added to LIRs in the last 14 months as a result of network projects completed under the Modernization Plan.
Document: 2534564.pdf - 81KB

2016-02-03 - Iristel Inc.
Description: Iristel Inc. (“Iristel”) is in receipt of Northwestel Inc.’s (“Northwestel”) Tariff Notice 937 (“TN 937”). Iristel is hereby providing brief comments on some confusing aspects of Northwestel’s proposed amendments to its local interconnection tariff.
Document: 2533067.pdf - 767KB

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