Telecom Order CRTC 2016-71

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Ottawa, 25 February 2016

File number: Tariff Notices 937 and 937A

Northwestel Inc. – Revisions to Network Interconnection Tariff

  1. In Telecom Regulatory Policy 2013-711, the Commission approved 10 local interconnection regions (LIRs)Footnote 1 and associated communities proposed by Northwestel Inc. (Northwestel).
  2. The Commission received an application from Northwestel, dated 17 December 2015, in which the company proposed to revise item 100.F – Local Interconnection Regions of its Network Interconnection Tariff. Specifically, the company proposed to include communities that had been added to the LIRs in the previous 14 months as a result of work completed under its Modernization Plan.
  3. The Commission approved Northwestel's application on an interim basis in Telecom Order 2016-5.
  4. The Commission subsequently received an intervention regarding Northwestel's application from Iristel Inc. (Iristel). The public record of this proceeding, which closed on 5 February 2016, is available on the Commission's website at or by using the file number provided above.
  5. In its intervention, Iristel submitted that Northwestel had added several satellite-served communities to the LIRs, contrary to the Commission's determination in Telecom Regulatory Policy 2013-711 that it would be appropriate to exclude such communities.
  6. As a result of Iristel's intervention, Northwestel filed an amendment to its application, in which it excluded the satellite-served communities in question.
  7. The Commission has reviewed Northwestel's revised list of communities and finds it appropriate. Accordingly, the Commission approves on a final basis Northwestel's application.

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Footnote 1

An LIR is a geographic area in which traffic is exchanged on a bill-and-keep basis.

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