2006-04-05- #8740-H4-200603739 - Huron Telecommunications Co-Operative Limited - TN 26 - General Tariff - Local Calling Expansion

2006-04-28 - Telecom Order CRTC 2006-100 The Commission approves applications filed by Bruce Telecom and Huron Telecommunications Co-operative Limited (HuronTel) to expand the local calling area between the Tiverton exchanges and the Ripley exchange. Reference: Bruce Telecom TN 114 and HuronTel TN 26. Eff. date = 01.05.2006.

2006-04-12 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Huron Telecommunications Co-operative Ltd. - Re: Tariff 26 - Local Calling Expansion between the Small Independent Local Exchange Carrier Bruce Telecom (of the Municipality of Kincardine) and Huron Telecommunications Co-operative Ltd.

2006-04-05 - Huron Telecommunications Co-Operative Ltd.
Description: Further to our submission yesterday, we would like to confirm that we have not received any comments from customers with respect to this Tariff.
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