2004-09-23 - #8740-T78-200410283 - Télébec, société en commandite - TN 308 - General Tariff - Terms of data transmission and special interexchange services

2005-03-08 - Telecom Order CRTC 2005-92
The Commission approves an application by Société en commandite Télébec, dated 23 September 2004, to revise General Tariff items 8.1, Terms of Data Transmission, 6.1, Interexchange Distance Charges, 6.3, Leased Channels, and 8.9, Enhanced Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) 23B+D, in order to increase the rates by 10% for data transmission channels and special interexchange services. Reference: TN 308. Eff. date = 08.03.05.

2004-12-09 - Télébec, société en commandite
Description: Télébec, dépose en annexe, une révision de son annexe B.
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