2004-10-07 - #8740-B2-200411025 - Bell Canada - TN 6834 - Special Facility Tariff - Customer Specific Arrangement - Contract No. P3-156

File Closed - Commission Letter - 2007-02-22

2007-02-22 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Re: Request to Withdraw Bell Canada Tariff Notice 6834

2007-02-02 - Bell Canada
Description:  Bell Canada respectfully requests the withdrawal of Tariff Notice No. 6834 in relation to the services provided under a Customer Specific Arrangement contract number P3-156 filed as part of Special Facilities Tariff Item No. D71.
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2004-12-20 - Bell Canada
Description: Attached is Bell Canada's Reply to the Intervention filed by MTS Allstream Inc. (Allstream) on 8 December 2004 (the Intervention) with respect to Bell Canada Tariff Notices 817 to 843 and Tariff Notice Numbers 6735 and 6834.
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