2003/03/19 - #8740-T66-200303230 - TCI (or "The Company") - TN 92/A - Amendment to TN 92

2003/03/12 - #8740-T66-200303230 - TCI (or "The Company") - TN 92 - Special Facilities Tariff - Customer Specific Carrier Wide Area Networking Services

Application Withdrawn - Commission Letter - 2006-07-13

2006-07-13 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to TELUS Communications Company - Subject: Request to withdraw TELUS Communications Company Tariff Notice Nos. 92 and 92A

2006-07-12 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description:  The Company filed Tariff Notice No. 92 and 92A ("TN 92/A) on March12, 2003 and March 19, 2003 respectively to propose a customer specific Carrier WAN Services tariff under CRTC 21463, Item 215.   As the customer contract underlying the tariff application has expired and the customer specific tariff is no longer required, the Company proposes to withdraw TN 92/A in their entirety.
643833.doc - 39KB

2003/06/04 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description:  The following constitutes TCI's reply to AT&T Canada's letter of May 21, 2003.
030604.doc - 63KB

2003/05/21 - AT&T Canada Corp.
Description:  AT&T Canada Corp. is in receipt of comments from TELUS Communications Inc. dated 9 May 2003, which were submitted by way of reply tot he comments that were filed by AT&T Canada on 22 April 2003 in respect of the above-referenced tariff notices (TNs 90-93/A).
030521.doc - 52KB

2003/05/09 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description:  TELUS Communications Inc. is in receipt of an intervention from AT&T Corp., dated April 22, 2003, regarding the Company's Tariff Notice Nos. 90, 91, 92/A and 93/A filed on March 12, 2003.
030509.doc - 140KB

2003/04/22 - AT&T Canada Corp.
Description:  AT&T Canada Corp. is in receipt of four tariff applications submitted by TELUS Communications Inc. under Tariff Notice Nos. 90, 91, 92/92A and 93/93A.
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Date Modified: 2006-07-21

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