2003/09/25 - #8740-T66-200313031 - TCI (or "The Company") - TN 119 - Carrier Access Tariff - Competitor-DNA Service

2006-04-28 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2005-6-1 In this Erratum, the Commission makes various corrections to Competitor Digital Network Services, Telecom Decision CRTC 2005-6, 3 February 2005. Reference: 8661‑C12‑10/02, 8678‑C12‑11/01, 8638‑C12‑61/02, 8740‑B2‑6621/01, 8740‑B2‑200306771, 8740‑M3‑200307084, 8740‑M3‑200404781, 8740‑T66‑0057/02, 8740‑T66‑0063/02, 8740‑T66‑200313031 and 8740‑S22‑200406852.

2005-02-03 - Telecom Decision CRTC 2005-6 The Commission renders its determinations in the proceeding initiated by Competitor Digital Network Access service proceeding, Telecom Public Notice CRTC 2002-4, 9 August 2002. The Commission determines that the incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) shall provide to competitors the following services and facilities as part of Competitor Digital Network (CDN) services: DNA access and links, DNA intra-exchange, central office (CO) channelization, non-forborne metropolitan IX, copper and optical co-location links and other CO connecting links. The Commission also classifies each of the CDN services as either a Category I Competitive Service or Category II Competitor Service, and establishes the appropriate pricing treatment for each service. Finally, the Commission sets the rates, terms and conditions applicable to CDN services, as well as the appropriate compensation to be provided to the ILECs for their provision of CDN services to competitors. Reference: 8661-C12-10/02 , 8678-C12-11/01 , 8638-C12-61/02 , 8740-B2-6621/01 , 8740-B2-200306771 , 8740-M3-200307084 , 8740-M3-200404781 , 8740-T66-0057/02 , 8740-T66-0063/02 , 8740-T66-200313031 and 8740-S22-200406852 [ .pdf ]

2003/11/07 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description: The following constitutes TCI's reply to Allstream's October 27 Comments.
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2003/10/27 - Allstream
Description: Allstream provides the following comments on TELUS' tariff application.
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