Rates (Disputes/Issues)(8661): 2002

Date   File number Subject Decision
2002/12/23 8661-C25-06/02 Call-Net Enterprises - TELUS's Non-compliance with Bundling Rules D2004-38
2002/09/25 8661-C25-05/02 Call-Net - Competitor Digital Network Access Service Proceeding - To grant interim relief D2002-78
2002/08/16 8661-O25-01/02 OPCOM Hospitality Solutions and the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association - Extension of Toll-free per call compensation to Hospitality/Health Services Industry D2004-11
2002/08/14 8661-P8-02/02 PIAC - For Enforcement and Relief - Re Bell Canada - Unauthorized Rate Increases to Party Line Rental Sets D2004-8
2002/08/09 8661-C25-04/02 Call-Net - Seeking Staff Opinion on Termination of Cost Recovery Charges NFAR
File Closed
2002/08/09 8661-C12-10/02 Public Notice 2002- 4 - Competitor Digital Network Access Service Proceeding D2005-6-1
2002/04/19 8661-G7-01/02 Bell Canada non-compliance with bundling rules D2002-58
2002/03/28 8661-P11-01/02 Primus - Requesting CRTC to examine the discrepancy between the ILECs costs associated with the Primary Inter-Exchange Carrier (PIC) processing charges PN2003-2
2002/03/07 8661-C12-09/02 Obligation to provide directives as part of providing local telephone service  

*NFAR = No further action required

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