2002/01/14 - #8740-T5-0275/02 - Télébec ltée - TN 275 - General Tariff - Interexchange Distance Charges

2002/04/05 - Telecom Order CRTC 2002-131 The Commission approves the applications by Northern Telephone Limited, on behalf of itself and Télébec ltée (Télébec), dated 18 December 2001, and amended on 14 January 2002 to increase by 10% its rates for the Ontario-Quebec inter-exchange voice-grade and teletype-grade channels. Reference: Northern TNs 167 and 167A and Télébec TN 275. Eff. date = 05-04-02.

2002/03/18 - Télébec Mobilité - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Please accept this letter as confirmation that Télébec Mobilité has no comments or concerns about the rate increase proposed by Télébec Ltd. for analog data transmission services.

2002/02/15 - Northern Telephone Ltd. on behalf of itself and Télébec Ltée
Description:  Response to to the Commission's letter dated 17 January 2002 concerning the above Tariff Notice Requests.
Document:  020215.zip - 42KB

2002/01/17 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard  Copy Document"
Description:  Letter addressed to Northern Telephone Limited - Re:  Northern Telephone and Télébec are required to provide within 30 days, for the 10 largest affected customers.

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