2002/08/23 - #8740-P1-0043/02 - People's Telephone Co. of Forest Limited - TN 43 - General Tariff - Request for forbearance from the regulation of the installation, maintenance rearrangement and repair of singleline wiring and jacks

2004/01/08 - Telecom Order CRTC 2004-9 - The Commission approves an application by People's Telephone Company of Forest Inc., dated 23 August 2002, to introduce item 7, Connection of Primary Exchange Service to Inside Wire and Jacks, to section 100 of its General Tariff. Reference: TN  43 .

2004/06/15 - People's Telephone Company
Description:  Please find attached a copy of the billing insert notifying our customers that effective December 31, 2004 they will be responsible for and will have authority over inside wiring.
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