2002/07/11 - #8740-O2-0082/02 - Ontario Telecommunications Association (OTA) - TN 82 - 2001 Final Network Access Tariff

2003/05/29 - Telecom Order CRTC 2003-217 - The Commission approves the Ontario Telecommunications Association (OTA) member companies' final 2001 Network Access Tariffs (NATs). The Commission also approves OTA member companies' interim 2002 NAT and caps the total compensation amount for the 2002 NAT at the final 2001 approved level. Reference: TN 82.

2002/12/06 - Bell Canada
Description:  Bell Canada's response to your letter dated 27 November 2002.
021206.doc - 104KB

2002/11/27 - Commission Letter - English Version Only - "Hard Copy Document"
Description: Letter addressed to Bell Canada - Subject: Ontario Telecommunications Association - 2001 Final Network Access Tariff - Tariff Notice No. 82

2002/09/06 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada is in receipt of the OTA's responses to the Commission interrogatories issued 8 August 2002, with regard to the OTA's NAT Notice No. 82. The following constitutes Bell Canada's comments with respect to these responses.
020906.doc - 53KB

2002/08/30 - Ontario Telecommunications Association (OTA)
Description: In accordance with the Commission's letter of 08 August 2002 with regard to the 2001 final NAT, the Ontario Telecommunications Association (OTA), on behalf of it's members, submits the attached response to the Commission's interrogatories.
020830.zip - 351KB

2002/08/08 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Ontario Telecommunications Association (OTA) - Subject: Network Access Tariff (NAT) Notice No. 82

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