2002/01/14 - #8740-N3-0172/02 - Northern Telephone Limited - TN 172 - General Tariff -  Interconnecting Circuits with Trunk-Side Access/Cellular Access Service

2002/06/28 - Telecom Order 2002-244 - The Commission approves an application by Northern Telephone Limited, dated 1 March 2002, to revise item 3, Digital Access Channel, under section N230 and item 6, Interconnecting Circuits with Trunk-Side Access, under section N630 of its General Tariff. Reference: TN 172. Eff. date = 28.06.02.

2002/03/22 - Rogers Wireless Inc. ("RWI")
Description: Rogers Wireless Inc. ("RWI") is in receipt of Northern Telephone Limited ("Northern") Tariff Notice No. 172 ("TN 172"), dated 01 March 2002.
Within TN 172, Northern has proposed tariff amendments relating to CCS7 signalling between Northern's network and the network of interexchange carriers and wireless service providers.
RWI hereby supports TN 172 and respectfully requests that the Commission grant approval for the same.
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Date Modified: 2002-12-06

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