2002/11/21 - #8740-M5-0027/02 - Mornington Communications Co-Operative Limited - TN 27 - General Tariff - Miscellaneous Services rate increases and bundling changes

2003/01/09 - Telecom Order CRTC 2003-18 - The Commission approves an application by Mornington Communications Co-operative Limited, dated 21 November 2002, in order to increase the monthly rates for residential and business custom calling and call management features; introduce two Call Management services; introduce pay-per-activation alternatives for Automatic Call Back, Automatic Recall, Three Way Calling Residential and Three Way Calling Business; introduce a promotion for a combination of any three Custom Calling Features (with the exception of 30 Code Speed Calling); and grandfather Calling Name and Calling Number as stand-alone services, and require new users who desire the service to subscribe to Calling Name and Number. Reference: TN 27. Eff. Date = 09.01.03

2003/06/27 - Mornington Communications Co-Operative Limited
Description: Mornington Communications submits the following revised tariff pages.
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