2001/03/09 - #: 8740-T66-02/01 - TCI (or "The Company")- TN 02- General Tariff - General Terms of Service pursuant to amalgamation of companies - Français

2001/07/09 CRTC Telecom Order 2001-552  
CRTC approves amalgamated Terms of Service for TELUS Communications Inc. - Following the merger of several companies into the TCI Communications Inc. (TCI), which was effective at the beginning of this year, the Commission received a tariff notice from TCI to begin the process of integrating tariffs of the merged companies. The Commission considered the comments of a Toronto resident and TCI's response to those comments. With this order, the Commission approves TCI's tariff notice. Reference: TN 2

2001/05/08 - TELUS Communications Inc.
Description:  Respond to letter intervention
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2001/04/08 - Nigel David Allen
Description: Proposed item 8.1 (d) holds the customer responsible for the cost of calls fraudulently charged to their telephone number or calling card account.
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