2005-11-24- #8340-B2-0398/00 -Telesat/Bell Express Vu - Whole RF channel service agreement - DIRECTV 2 - Agreement 0398/03

2006-01-05 - Telecom Order CRTC 2006-4 The Commission approves the Whole RF Channel Service Agreement between Telesat Canada (Telesat) and Bell ExpressVu Inc. Telesat filed the application on 24 November 2005. Eff. date = 09.01.2006. Reference: 8340-T3-0398/00.

2005-12-21 - Telesat Canada
Description: In Telesat Canada's application of 24 November 2005 requesting approval of the Whole RF Channel Service Agreement DIRECTTV 2 with Bell Express Vu, Telesat noted at paragraph 26 that it expected approval from Industry Canada to use the DIRECTV 2 satellite at the 91o WL Canadian Orbital position by year end.
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