2005-04-11 - # 8622-D37-200504424 - Doncaster Consulting Inc. - Application requesting an order requiring Bell Canada to cease offering naked digital subscriber line service

File Closed - Commission Letter - 2005-05-09

2005-05-09 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Mr. Ralph Doncaster - Re: Part VII Application Regarding Bell Canada's Naked DSL Service

2005-04-21 - Doncaster Consulting Inc.
Description: Doncaster Consulting Inc. is in receipt of Bell Canada's April 12 response on CRTC file #8622-D37-200504424
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2005-04-12 - Bell Canada
Description: Bell Canada (or the Company) is in receipt of Doncaster Consulting Inc.'s (Doncaster) Part VII application, dated 11 April 2005, regarding Bell Canada's provision of retail Internet services utilizing the Company's underlying facilities in cases where the end-user is not subscribing to the Company's primary exchange service (PES) or subscribing to PES from a CLEC that is leasing unbundled local loops from the Company.
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2005-04-11 - Doncaster Consulting Inc.

Description: This application is filed in accordance with Part VII of the CRTC Telecommunications Rules of Procedure . In this application, Doncaster Consulting Inc. (“Doncaster”) requests that the Commission issue an order requiring Bell Canada to cease offering “naked DSL” until the Commission has approved a tariff for the service. Doncaster requests that the Commission deal with this application on an expedited basis. Doncaster relies on s. 25.(1) s. 27.(2) of the Telecommunications Act in this application.
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