Follow-up to Order CRTC 2001-163: 8638-C12-49/01

Access to Microcell's Fido-related service by persons who are blind

2001/08/31 - Order 2001-690 - Alternative formats for a person who is blind. Reference: 8638-C12-49/01 - 8620-S49-02/00

2001/04/16 - Futureway Communications Inc.
Description: Futureway Communications Inc.'s reponse to the Commission's show cause in paragraph 57.
010416.doc - 276KB

2001/04/12 - Aliant Telecom Inc., Bell Canada, Bell Mobility Cellular Inc., MTS Communications Inc., MT&T Mobility Inc., Northern Telephone Limited, NorTel Mobility Inc., Northwestel Inc., Saskatchewan Telecommunications, Télébec ltée, Télébec Mobilité inc., TELUS Communications Inc., TELUS Communications (Québec) Inc., and TELUS Mobility Cellular Inc. (collectively, the Companies)
Description: The following response is submitted by the Companies to Order 2001-163, paragraph 57.
010412.doc - 30KB

2001/04/12 - TMI Communications - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  This letter constitutes TMI Communications response to Order 2001-163 of 26 February 2001.

2001/04/12 - Telesat Canada - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  This letter constitutes the responses of Telesat Canada to the following direction set out in parragraph 57 of the CRTC Order 2001-163.

2001/04/11 - Association des compagnies de téléphone du Québec (ACTQ)
Description: L'Association des compagnies de téléphone du Québec ( ACTQ), désire au nom de ses membres, répondre à l'invitation du Conseil formulée dans l'ordonnance précitée.
010411.doc - 98KB

2001/04/10 - Vidéotron Communications inc.
Description: Lettre sur l'Accès aux services de télécommunication par les personnes aveugles
010410.doc - 48KB

2001/04/03 - Rogers Wireless Inc.
Description: Pursuant to the procedure established in Order CRTC 2001-163 dated February 26, 2001, Rogers Wireless Inc. (RWI) is pleased to provide the following summary of RWI's current service offerings specifically designed to enhance accessibility of RWI's services by visually impaired subscribers.
010403.doc - 34KB

2001/03/16 - Ontario Telecommunications Association - "Hard Copy Document"
Description:  In your Order 2001-163, the CRTC directed all Canadian carriers, to show cause why they should not have a similar obligation to Microcell Connexions Inc. regarding the provision of information on rates,terms and conditions of service inalternative format, applying to them.

2001/02/27 - Commission Letter
Description: Letter addressed to Distribution List: All Canadian carriers - Re: Access to telecommunications services by persons who are blind

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