Location of Broadcast and Wireless Emergency Alert Distributors

Emergency alert distributors fall into the following categories:

View list of participating subscription-based television providers

The following is a list of the subscription-based television service providers participating in the National Public Alerting System. This list is considered current as of November 30, 2022.

  1. 2251723 Ontario Inc.
  2. Access Communications Co-operative Limited
  3. Amtelecom Limited Partnership
  4. Atop Broadband Corp.
  5. Bell Canada
  6. Bragg Communications Incorporated
  7. Câblevision du Nord de Québec Inc.
  8. Cogeco Connexion Inc.
  9. Comwave Networks Inc.
  10. CoopTel, coop de télécommunication
  11. K-Right Communications Limited
  12. La Coopérative de câblodistribution de l'Arrière-Pays
  13. Northwestel Inc.
  14. Persona Communications Inc.
  15. Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
  16. Saskatchewan Telecommunications
  17. Shaw Cablesystems Limited
  18. Sogetel inc.
  19. TBayTel
  20. TELUS Communications Inc.
  21. Vidéotron ltée

Interactive map

The map below shows the location of AM and FM radio stations, over-the-air television stations and subscription-based television service providers. It is considered current as of November 30, 2022.

The map also includes a layer showing the aggregated distribution of LTE wireless coverage across Canada. It is current as of May 2023.

How data is gathered and why some providers may not be listed

Each year, the CRTC distributes a survey to update the data. These surveys are sent to AM and FM radio and over-the-air television stations and to subscription-based service providers that hold a broadcasting licence issued by the CRTC. Under certain conditions, no licence is required; in that case, the provider will not appear on the map.

In addition, if a provider started distributing emergency alerts after the survey cut-off date, it will not appear on the map.

How to use this map

Click and drag the map to recentre it. You can also move the cursor over any of the data points shown on the map to see the call sign and name of the licensee.

To do a search, click the magnifying glass, use the down arrow to select the category in the pull-down menu (AM radio, FM radio or TV station), then enter the broadcaster information in the search box. For example, you can enter the name, call sign, or frequency. Select the chosen broadcaster from the search results to zoom to its location on the map.

To zoom in or out, use the plus (+) and minus (–) buttons on the top-left side of the map. If you have a mouse with a wheel, move the wheel up and down to zoom.

By default, all layers are shown. To narrow your search, click on the right-hand side to select which layers you want to appear on the map (AM, FM, TV, or LTE).

To download map files: Use the buttons at the top-right side to download files in either Google Earth format (KML) or geographic information system (GIS) software (Shapefile).

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