Call Management Features

Call Management Features
Call Management Features
Call Management Features
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Call management features and more

Bothered by nuisance calls?

There are basic call features out there you can use to help:

  • Call display – Choose to answer the call, or not. Do you recognize the number? If not, be cautious.
  • Voicemail – Let unknown callers leave a message.
  • Call screening – Block calls from specific numbers, or from anonymous and private callers who don’t provide caller ID information (also known as call blocking or call rejection features).
  • Selective call acceptance – This feature allows you to only accept calls from numbers you know and trust (also known as Do-not-disturb).

Some providers also offer additional features you can use. Want to know more? Contact your service provider to find out what features they offer.

The CRTC has urged phone providers to offer advanced services that will screen calls for you – like e-mail spam filters, but for nuisance calls.

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