Mobile Service Trial Period

  • Charlotte
    • At first, I thought my new phone was the best. We connected. It was cute. But was it the right one for me?
    • Or had I made a terrible mistake?
    • Then the café owner, Leo, tells me it’s easy to return my phone and cancel or change services if I’m not happy... as long as I’ve had it less than 15 days and have used less than half my monthly data! Nightmare over.
    • Decaf soy latté please... to go.

You just got a new phone and now you really wish you could return it and cancel that contract you signed. It happens. Maybe you don’t like the service. Maybe you just don’t like the phone you chose. Or maybe you’ve just found a better deal. Whatever the reason, you do have options.

If you have a contract with an early cancellation fee, you have a trial period.

Now, under the rules of the Wireless Code, you can cancel your contract and return your phone if you’re not happy with it. And you can do this at no cost, within 15 days of your purchase, if you haven’t used more than half of the monthly data specified in your plan.

If you are a person with a disability, you have an extended trial period lasting a full month. It includes 100% of the monthly usage limits specified in your contract.

Talk to your service provider.

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Trial period

  1. When a customer agrees to a contract through which they are subject to an early cancellation fee, a service provider must offer the customer a trial period lasting a minimum of 15 calendar days to enable the customer to determine whether the service meets their needs.
  2. The trial period must start on the date on which service begins.
  3. A service provider may establish limits on the use of voice, text, and data services for the trial period for all services that are not purchased on an unlimited basis.
    1. For single-user plans, the standard trial period usage limits must correspond to at least half of the permitted monthly usage specified in the customer’s contract.
    2. For multi-user plans, the trial period usage limits must correspond to at least half of the permitted monthly usage for the entire account, as specified in the contract.
  4. If a customer self-identifies as a person with a disability, the service provider must offer an extended trial period lasting a minimum of 30 calendar days, and the permitted usage amounts must be at least double the service provider’s general usage amounts for the standard trial period.
  5. During the trial period, customers may cancel their contract without penalty or early cancellation fee if they have
    1. used less than the permitted usage; and
    2. returned any device provided by the service provider, in near-new condition, including original packaging.

More details about contract cancellation and extension from the simplified Wireless Code.

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