Wondering who’s the boss of your shared cell phone plan?


Han: This year, Romy wanted a paintball birthday party. David and I were all in.
David: Little did we know that a full-on war was about to begin.
Han: It all started with a text message.
David: Han gets a notification from our service provider. Asking HER to consent to extra charges on our family plan. OUR plan!
Han: Turns out David’s a little bent out of shape because he didn’t get the same text.
David: It’s all becoming clear. Han’s the account holder so she’s the only one who can approve extra charges? What about me? This means WAR!!!!
Han: I can always add you as a user on our shared plan if you really want to get notifications.
David: WOOO-HOOO!!! Victory!

Under the rules of the Wireless Code, if you have a family or shared plans, the account holder is the one who can consent to data overage and data roaming charges that go beyond established caps. So if you’re the account holder, you’re the boss.

Now let’s say you want to share this responsibility with someone else on your plan. No problem. As the account holder, you’re allowed to authorize other users to consent to additional charges on your family or shared plan.

No need for a battle of the bosses when there are rules in place under the Wireless Code that can help you manage and avoid extra charges.

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