What you should know about your devices and how they impact your services

As technology continues to evolve, so does our need for data. Smartphones, tablets and smart speakers, all use data one way or another. It's important to understand how these devices impact our monthly consumption.

Does my smart speaker use a lot of my monthly data allotment?

Smart speakers are the new hip, techno toy du jour. While everyone is having fun asking these little cylinder shaped assistants questions, it’s easy to forget that they are connected to our home networks and are using data. While the devices themselves use minimal data, the connected video and music can spike your usage.

If you are on a monthly plan with a limited amount of gigabytes, you may want to monitor your usage to avoid any overage surprises.

How can I save data on my cellphone?

Games, movie and music streaming services or social media apps, they’re all part of our daily smartphone usage. Most of us don’t realize they use data to keep us up-to-date. However, there are ways of saving your megabytes and restricting certain functions to Wi-Fi only.

These tips will help you save some data and – more importantly – overage fees:

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