The Martels: Why is your internet speed so slow?

  • David
    • Date nights are rare in a house with three kids
    • so I like to surprise Han with some culinary magic...
    • with the help of Chef François of course.
  • [Chef François]
    • Et voilà. Un--
  • David
    • No one told me that too many chefs, or maybe too much internet streaming,
    • could totally ruin date night.
    • [Fire alarm]
    • [30 minutes later]
    • On the other hand, a little take-out and it's the best date night ever.
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If you have kids, live with roommates or just have a slower Internet connection, you have no doubt spent time waiting for something to load – maybe you were trying to stream a movie, play an MMO or listen to your favourite online playlist.

Why does this happen? It might be because you need to upgrade to a faster Internet speed. But it might also be because of old equipment, too many people on your Internet connection, or something outside your control.

Make sure your Internet speed runs as smoothly as your best Friday night dates – learn more about what factors affect your home internet speed.


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