The Martels: Discover how a typical Canadian family interacts with their connected world.

  • Mou:
    • There are things we cats have to put up with.
    • Like being woken up from a lovely nap.
    • These are The Martels.
    • They're my family.
    • This is Han.
    • Soccer mom, wife, career woman; laptop and smart phone ready.
    • Sometimes she's too busy for her own good... and mine.
    • And that's David, the dad.
    • He loves to cook.
    • But when technology gets the better of him, a mess usually follows.
    • Then there's the three kids.
    • Sebastien who knows everything about computers;
    • Charlotte who knows everything about sports; and Romy, the baby.
    • Romy and I like to watch movies.
    • Oh and who could forget Grandpa Olivier?
    • So there you have it.
    • That's my family.
    • They're a lot like you.
    • They love their phones, their technology, their TV,... and sometimes... they don't.
    • Guess they're only human.
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The Martels are a Canadian family, just like yours: they love their tech, even if it doesn’t always work the way they want it to. Meet mom and dad (Han and David), Sebastien, Charlotte, and Romy (the kids), and grandpa, Olivier.

Oh and Mou, the cat!

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