Compliant with spam and telemarketing rules?


Tip 1 for CASL

Obtain consent to send commercial electronic messages


Tip 1 for DNCL

Register and subscribe to the National Do Not Call List before making telemarketing calls

Tip 2 for CASL

Keep up-to-date contact lists

  • Act on unsubscribe requests within 10 days

Tip 2 for DNCL

Keep internal ‘do not call list’ up-to-date

  • Remove number within 14 days of the consumer’s request

Tip 3

Set up ongoing corporate compliance program

  • Review policies and procedures

Tip 4 for CASL

Maintain accurate records

  • Valid consent
  • Training documents
  • Third-party contracts

Tip 4 for DNCL

Maintain accurate records

  • Call scripts and logs
  • Copy of registration and subscription to the National DNCL
  • Third-party contracts

Tip 5

If in doubt, just ask!

1-877-249-2782 (CRTC)

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