Tips - Glossary

Searching for a term

You can search for a term either by clicking on a letter to see a list of terms beginning with that letter or by entering your term in the search box. If the term you entered is not in the CRTC Glossary, you will see a message stating "no records found" and a list of other resources for pursuing your search.

Once you've found a term (Navigating the Glossary)

When your search results in a list of terms, you will see that some are italicized and others are not. Italicized terms are variant forms of a preferred term. When you click on an italicized term, you will be told which term is preferred. Clicking on the preferred term will take you to a page with a definition, associated words and phrases and possibly usage and/or technical notes.


Acronyms will appear beside the main term in parentheses. Hyperlinked cross references provide access to the definition regardless of whether the acronym or full term was entered in the search.

Searching the CRTC website

You can easily find documents on the CRTC website containing the term you have located. On the definition page, immediately above the term, there is a link to search the term in the CRTC website. This will launch the CRTC website search engine and retrieve a list of documents containing the term.

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