About the Glossary

The CRTC Glossary is a constantly evolving tool that will incorporate new terms and definitions on a regular basis so that it is useful to those participating in current CRTC proceedings.

It has been prepared to help standardize broadcasting, telecommunications and new media related vocabulary used at the CRTC. It also provides definitions of terms and acronyms used throughout the CRTC's website and documents. In addition to definitions, the Glossary provides variant forms of terms and indicates which term is preferred. Entries for some terms also contain technical and usage notes.

Whenever possible, the definitions are in plain language. However, some of the terms are technical in nature or are related to or are derived from legislation and regulations. These definitions are more complex because precision in their use is important.


This tool is provided for the purposes of information, research and education. The definitions apply to documents created by the CRTC.

It has been created from several sources. It is not intended to include every term that can be applied to the Broadcasting, Telecommunications and New Media sectors.

The CRTC Glossary is provided in addition to the definitions of terms already included in the Broadcasting Act, the Telecommunications Act and various CRTC Regulations. The definitions in the CRTC Glossary are not intended to be legal interpretations of those terms.

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