Indigenous (Type A Native) Radio Undertaking – Registration Form - Form 156

Sample form only: do not complete

This form is for reference purposes only. It is not to be completed in this format. To complete this form and submit it to the CRTC, download the MSWord format form here.

IMPORTANT: Before completing this registration form, please ensure that you have first applied to the Department of Industry  (ISED) and received a broadcasting certificate (which includes the assignment of a frequency and approval of a call sign by ISED). To do this, contact ISED at 1-800-328-6189 or visit

Purpose of this form

Registration for new Indigenous (Type A Native) Radio Undertakings that meet the exemption criteria set out in the Exemption order respecting certain Indigenous radio undertakings, Appendix 3 to BRP CRTC 2018-137 (exemption order). Note: If you do not meet all exemption criteria set out in the exemption order then please apply for a broadcasting licence to operate as an Indigenous (Type B Native) Radio Undertaking, here.

This registration form is for information purposes only. Completion of this form does not constitute a CRTC determination that the undertaking identified herein meets the exemption criteria. It is the registrant’s sole responsibility to ensure that all conditions are met under the exemption order.

A confirmation letter will be sent by CRTC staff to acknowledge receipt of your registration. Once processed, the undertaking will be added to the list entitled Radio, TV and Cable Broadcasting Services that do and do not need a licence (the List) available on the Commission’s website.


Please complete and submit the registration form in one of four ways:

Registrants who need further information about this process can contact a Commission staff specialist at 1-866-781-1911.

1. Identification of registrant

NOTE: All information with an * is required.

* Name of legal entity/owner operating this undertaking:

* Address of the station:

* City/Town:

* Province/Territory:

* Postal code (A1A 1A1):

* Telephone (999-999-9999):   Ext:

 Fax (999-999-9999):

* E-mail:


2. Sent by

* Name:

* Telephone (999-999-9999):   Ext:

*E-mail (

3. Designated representative

* Is there a designated representative?

Yes ( ) No ( )

I,_________________________, the registrant, hereby designate____________________ as my designated representative for and on my behalf and in my name to complete, sign and file this registration form with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission and to sign and file a response with respect thereto (if necessary); and I do hereby ratify, confirm and adopt as my own act, such registration form and all responses made thereto.

* Date:

* At (city, province):

Signature (a signature is not required when submitting electronically): ____________________

* Address of designated representative:

* Title:

* Telephone (999-999-9999): Ext:

Fax (999-999-9999):

* Email (

4. Technical Information

Please provide the following information. Note: the Call Sign and the Frequency must be obtained from ISED before submitting this form to the CRTC (see note above).

*Community(ies) served:

* Call Sign (approved by ISED):

* Type of station:  AM (   )    FM (   )    Check here if low power (  )

* Frequency (assigned by ISED):

* Transmitter Power (watts):

* Expected launch date:  

Exemption order respecting certain Indigenous radio undertakings

Criteria ChecklistFootnote1

Please review this criteria checklist and sign at the bottom to acknowledge that you have read and will comply with this exemption order at all times.



The purpose of this radio programming undertaking is to provide radio programming that reflects the interests and needs of and is specifically oriented to the Indigenous community or communities it serves. This undertaking has a distinct role in fostering the development of Indigenous cultures and, where possible, the preservation of ancestral languages. This undertaking broadcasts programming in any Indigenous language spoken in Canada, or in English and/or French, and makes the greatest practicable use of Indigenous creative resources in the creation and presentation of programming.

General Description

  1. The undertaking is owned and controlled by a not-for-profit organization whose structure provides for board membership by the Indigenous population of the region served.
  2. The primary purpose of the undertaking is not to provide a religious programming service.
  3. No commercial AM, FM or digital radio programming undertaking or terrestrial radiocommunication distribution undertaking that distributes the programming of a commercial radio undertaking is licensed to operate in all or in any part of the undertaking’s geographical area enclosed within: (a) in the case of an Indigenous AM station, the 5 millivolt-per-metre daytime contour; or (b) in the case of an Indigenous FM station, the 500 microvolt-per-metre contour. For greater clarity, the contour means a service contour marked for each transmitter on the map that pertains to that station and that is most recently published by the Department of Industry (ISED) .
  4. The Commission would not be prohibited from licensing the undertaking by virtue of any Act of Parliament, the Direction to the CRTC (Ineligibility of Non-Canadians), the Direction to the CRTC (Ineligibility to Hold Broadcasting Licences) or any other direction to the Commission by the Governor-in-Council.
  5. The undertaking’s programming complies with the guidelines on gender portrayal set out in the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ (CAB) Equitable Portrayal Code and the provisions of the CAB’s Broadcast Code for Advertising to Children, as may be amended from time to time and approved by the Commission.
  6. The undertaking meets all technical requirements of ISED and has acquired all authorizations or certificates prescribed by it.

Public Alerting System

  1. The undertaking
    1. has implemented a public alerting system on all its stations that broadcasts without delay, on a given station, any audio alert that it receives from the National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System, that
      1. announces an imminent or unfolding danger to life; and
      2. is designated by the applicable issuing authority for immediate broadcast in the station’s AM 5 mV/m contour or FM 0.5 mV/m contour, as the case may be.
    2. shall implement the public alerting system for each of its transmitters.
    3. shall broadcast the alert on transmitters that serve the area that is targeted by the alert.
    4. shall ensure that the alerts that it broadcasts are in conformity with the specifications and recommended practices set out in the document entitled National Public Alerting System: Common Look and Feel Guidance, produced at the request of the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Public Alerting Working Group of Senior Officials Responsible for Emergency Management with the support of Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Security Science, Canadian Safety and Security Program, and in consultation with the public-private Common Look and Feel Working Group, as that document is amended from time to time.
      • For the purposes of this provision, the terms “issuing authority” and “National Alert Aggregation and Dissemination System” shall have the same meanings as those set out in the Radio Regulations, 1986.

Compliance with the Broadcasting Act

  1. Neither the undertaking nor any person involved with the undertaking, including but not limited to involvement with the ownership, operation, management and financing of the undertaking, has been found by the Commission to have been carrying on a broadcasting undertaking in whole or in part in Canada without a licence or without authorization pursuant to an exemption, contrary to the Broadcasting Act, after 27 April 2018. Or, if such a finding has been made by the Commission, the undertaking or person involved with the undertaking has obtained prior written permission from the Commission to operate under this exemption order.

Declaration of the registrant or its designated representative

I, *___________________________________ solemnly declare that:

  1. I am the registrant or the designated representative of the registrant named in this registration form and as such have knowledge of all matters declared therein.
  2. The statements made in this registration form or in any document filed pursuant to any request for further information by the Commission are (will be) to the best of my knowledge and believed to be true in all respects.
  3. The opinions and estimates given in this registration form or in any document filed pursuant to any request for further information by the Commission are (will be) based on facts as known to me.
  4. I have examined the provisions of the Broadcasting Act and the broadcasting regulations and policies relevant to this registration form.
  5. The station will meet the criteria set out in the Exemption order respecting certain Indigenous radio undertakings (BRP CRTC 2018-137), Appendix 3, and will continue to meet it at all times.

And I have signed:

Signature (a signature is not required when submitting electronically):

* Date (yyyy-mm-dd):

* At (city, province):

Witnessed by:

Signature (a signature is not required when submitting electronically):

* Name:

* Date (yyyy-mm-dd):

* At (city, province):

Date modified: