Appendix 5 - Campus

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Doc5 - Appendix 5 – Ownership Information


All columns must contain the complete information requested.

  1. As indicated in the Procedures for filing confidential information and requesting its disclosure in Commission proceedings, Broadcasting and Telecom Information Bulletin 2010-961, you may designate as confidential the civic number, street name and postal code of a residential address.
  2. If you wish to designate this information as CONFIDENTIAL:
    1. Name your confidential document as: NOT WEB – APP – Doc5 – CONFDOC - Appendix 2A – Ownership Information
    2. Name your abridged document, in which the information in the columns entitled “Civic Number and Street Name” and “Postal Code” is removed, as: APP – Doc5 – ABRIDGED VERSION – Appendix 2A – Ownership Information

Ownership Information

Name of the Licensee:



5.1 Directors and Officers

Supply a list of the current directors and officers

Name of the Directors(Footnote 1) (Footnote 3) / Officers(Footnote 4) Residential address * Canadian citizen(Footnote 2) (y/n) Directors’ Date of Appoint-ment(Footnote 3) Officer
Position(Footnote 4)
Group Represented (see Section 5.2 below)
Civic Number and Street Name City/ Province Postal Code
Chief Executive Officer
(or the person in a position with similar functions)
Provide the name, complete residential address, citizenship and title of the position of this person

Residential address refers to a person's ordinary residence: the place in which the person's lifestyle is centered and to which the person regularly returns.  Note that a Post Office Box number is not accepted.

5.2 Campus and Community Radio Policy

In Broadcasting Regulatory Policy 2010-499, the Commission stated that the mandate for campus radio distinguishes itself from the mandate for community radio in several ways, including the Board of Directors (BoD). The Commission expects that the BoD for campus stations include campus representatives, as well as a balanced representation from:

In light of the above, please provide a detailed description of the means used to ensure that the structure and composition of the BoD comply with the policy, or alternatively, the reasons for which the policy should not apply to your station.


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