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Video Transcript

The Commission will accept video interventions and replies in ASL and LSQ for this proceeding. Interested persons must provide a working link to a publicly viewable version of their video in the comments box in the “Submit an intervention” section of the Intervention form. All other submission procedures are the same as for written interventions, which are set out in the previous section of this notice.

The Commission will post English transcripts of ASL videos and French transcripts of LSQ videos on its website as interventions or replies on the public record of this proceeding. Links to videos will be made public when the transcripts become available. Interveners may choose to submit written transcripts with their videos to facilitate the process.

For videos longer than 15 minutes, a brief summary should be provided at the beginning of the video.

The information that parties provide to the Commission as part of this public process is entered into an unsearchable database dedicated to this specific public process. In the case of information submitted via ASL or LSQ videos, the transcripts of these videos will also be entered into the unsearchable database. This database is accessible only from the web page of this particular public process. As a result, a general search of the Commission’s website with the help of either its search engine or a third-party search engine will not provide access to the information that was provided as part of this public process. However, because individuals who submit an ASL or LSQ video intervention or reply must submit a working link to a publicly viewable version of their video to the Commission, depending on where the video was uploaded, any intervention or reply submitted via ASL or LSQ video may be searchable by a third-party search engine.

This video provides key information from Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2021-191-1 and is intended for Canadians that use American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary language.

To enable interested persons whose first language is ASL or LSQ to fully participate in this proceeding, the Commission will accept video submissions in those languages.

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