Indigenous Broadcasting Policy (TV and radio)

The co-development of a new Indigenous Broadcasting Policy is underway. Find out more about what Indigenous broadcasters, content creators and artists told us during the early engagement sessions in the “What You Said ” report.

Current Indigenous broadcasting policy in Canada

The current policy for Indigenous broadcasting was introduced in 1990. The original Native Broadcasting Policy set out definitions, licensing processes and regulatory requirements for Indigenous broadcasters in Canada.

Changes have been made to this policy over the years. Here are some key highlights and important changes you should know about this policy:

In Public Notice CRTC 2001-70, the CRTC made changes to this policy in order to align certain radio-specific requirements with the commercial radio sector, while also reducing certain regulatory restrictions, such as:

Note: there is no longer a requirement for radio stations or television networks to file a “Promise of Performance” when applying for a new licence or licence renewal.

More information on how to apply for a broadcasting licence from the CRTC.

Acts and Regulations related to Broadcasting services in Canada

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