TV’s Support for Canadian Talent

Simply put, the CRTC supports the creation of content made by Canadians for both Canadian and global audiences. CRTC broadcasting policies and regulations support all Canadian talent that contributes to the Canadian broadcasting system. Policies and regulations support the artists themselves as well as the industries behind them.

Definition of a Canadian Program

The CRTC defines a Canadian program by its Canadian creative contributors. (i.e. the producer, director, lead performers, etc.)

Incentives for Canadian Drama Programs

The CRTC provides incentives by way of time credits for Canadian drama programs. Broadcasters can claim a 125% to 150% time credit for Canadian dramas when they're aired during peak viewing hours (7PM - 11PM).

Public Benefits when Licences Change Hands

When there is a transfer of control or change in ownership, applicants must propose clear and tangible benefits that represent a financial contribution of 10% of the value of the transaction. The CRTC requires applicants to direct a majority of that contribution for the production of new Canadian programs through the Canada Media Fund (CMF).

The CRTC also encourages and accepts the creation of independent production funds that supplement the important work of the CMF.

Read the CRTC's decision regarding Global's acquisition of WIC Western International Communciations Ltd. for more information.

Discretionary Television Services

Discretionary television services are obliged, by condition of licence, to contribute to the production of Canadian programs. Expenditure requirements vary with each licence.

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