Ensuring a Place for Canadian Programs

Public Broadcaster - CBC

The policy objectives set out in Canada's Broadcasting Act identify the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as the national public broadcaster and Sections 3.1(l) - (n) outline its special role and objectives for informing, enlightening and entertaining Canadians.

CRTC decisions that renew the CBC's network broadcasting licenses outline its special role as a voice for all Canadians, from every part of the country.

Conventional Television

The CRTC's 2015 Policy sets out a framework to ensure that a range of diverse Canadian television programming will continue to be available on Canadian television.

Access to high-quality local news

 On June 15, 2016, we published a new policy on local TV and community television that addresses such things as:

For more, see the Policy framework for local and community television (Broadcasting Regulatory Policy CRTC 2016-224).

Discretionary Television Services

Requirements for content made by Canadians for independent services vary and are set by conditions of licence. Check decisions for individual services for details.

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