French-language music and Canadian content on radio

Radio plays an important role in introducing listeners to Canadian music and artists. CRTC policies and regulations help to maintain a French-language presence on radio and provide exposure for francophone artists.

Each licensed French-language station is required to devote a percentage of its weekly music broadcasting to Canadian content and to the French language. The required amount depends both on the type of radio station and the type of music it broadcasts: either Popular Music (Category 2) or Special Interest Music (Category 3). 

Canadian content requirements for Popular Music French-language stations

Commercial, community and campus radio

All stations must ensure that at least 35% of the Popular Music they broadcast each week is Canadian content.

French vocal music requirements for Popular Music (Category 2)

French-language commercial, community and campus radio

French-language radio stations must devote at least 65% of all Popular Music broadcast each week to French-language selections.

Commercial radio stations also must ensure that at least 55% of the Popular Music broadcast between 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. Monday to Friday consists of French-language selections.

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