Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2023-138-1

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Reference: 2023-138

Ottawa, 9 June 2023

Public record: 1011-NOC2023-0138

Notice of hearing

20 November 2023
Gatineau, Quebec

The Path Forward – Working towards a modernized regulatory framework regarding contributions to support Canadian and Indigenous content – Extension to the deadlines for the submission of interventions and of replies

New deadline for submission of interventions: 11 July 2023

New deadline for the submission of replies: 26 July 2023

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  1. Further to Broadcasting Notice of Consultation 2023-138 (the Notice), the Commission has received a procedural request from several co-applicants in regard to the proceeding initiated by the Notice. Footnote 1
  2. Specifically, on 19 May 2023 a request was filed by 12 co-applicantsFootnote 2 for an extension of the filing deadlines currently set out in the Notice. The grounds for the request are as follows:
    • the interconnectedness of the three proceedings, which, the co-applicants argue, calls for aligned intervention and reply deadlines to make it easier for parties to follow and to develop a coherent framework for all of them;
    • inadequate capacity and time for the parties to consult and undertake necessary research within the current timeframe, especially in light of other Commission proceedings currently underway, thereby weakening the record of the proceedings; and
    • the absence of a policy direction from the Governor in Council, which may create overlapping deadlines and creates uncertainty as to the recommendations that parties may make and whether they may have to change course once the policy direction is issued.
  3. Various partiesFootnote 3 provided comments in support of the procedural request.
  4. The Commission is mindful of the support received for extending the deadlines for the proceeding initiated by the Notice. Given the large number of questions and issues set out in the Notice and the wide scope of this proceeding, along with the resourcing constraints of smaller organizations that would like to participate in this proceeding, the Commission finds that extending the deadlines for the submission of interventions and of replies would be in the public interest.
  5. However, the Commission also finds that an extension shorter than that requested by the co-applicants would help to avoid any significant delays to the proceeding initiated by the Notice. In the Commission’s view, a two-week extension for both the submission of interventions and the submission of replies would be appropriate.
  6. In light of the above, the Commission extends the deadline set out in the Notice for the submission of interventions to 11 July 2023 and the deadline for the submission of replies to 26 July 2023.
  7. The Commission notes that it has no control over the timing of the publication of any finalized policy direction that may be issued by the Governor in Council. However, as the proposed policy directions were published on 8 June 2023, interested persons do have the ability to take the proposal into account when completing their interventions.

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