Commission Letter addressed to Ted Woodhead (Rogers Communications Canada Inc.)

Ottawa, 11 August 2022

Our reference:  8000-C12-202203868


Ted Woodhead
Chief Regulatory Officer & Government Affairs
Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
333 Bloor Street East
10th Floor
Toronto, ON M4W 1G9

RE: Rogers Canada-wide service outage of July 2022 - Response to Rogers request for extension

Dear Ted Woodhead:

This letter is in response to your letter of 8 August 2022 in, which Rogers Communications Canada Inc. (Rogers) requests a one week extension to the August 15 2022 deadline for filing answers to the request for information (RFI) addressed to Rogers on 5 August 2022. 

I can also confirm that the letter sent to you on 5 August 2022 was initially sent in confidence, as the Attachment to the letter contained information which Rogers had deemed confidential.    For the sake of clarity, that information is highlighted in yellow in the enclosed version of the letter sent to you on 5 August 2022. An abridged version of the 5 August 2022 letter along with Rogers’ upcoming abridged responses will be placed on the public record.

In addition, we note that the Rogers request for extension dated 8 August is marked as Confidential. We do not consider that this letter contains any confidential information, and therefore, we request that Rogers resubmit that entire 8 August letter for the public record, or an abridged version. Rogers is reminded that it is expected to disclose information on the public record to the maximum extent possible, given the immense public interest in understanding the facts surrounding the outage.

As set out in the 5 August 2022 letter, once the Commission has ruled on the requests for disclosure of information contained in Rogers’ responses to the 12 July 2022 RFI, those

determinations will also apply to any similar claims of confidence made by Rogers in its responses to the second round of RFIs.


Original signed by

Ian Baggley for
Fiona Gilfillan
Executive Director
Telecommunications sector

cc.: Tony Staffieri, President and CEO, Rogers,
Éric Dagenais, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, ISED,
Howard Slawner, Vice President, Regulatory Telecom, Rogers,
Michel Murray, CRTC,
Noah Moser, CRTC,

Encl: Letter - Rogers Canada-wide service outage of July 2022 dated 5 August 2022

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