Telecom - Commission Letter addressed to Province de la Colombie-Britannique, Shaw Cablesystems G.P. and Rogers Communications Canada Inc.

Ottawa, 10 August 2022

Our reference: 8690-R28-202006353


Kevin Contzen
Legal Counsel, Ministry of Attorney General
Province of British Columbia

Paul Cowling
SVP, General Counsel and Regulatory Affairs
Shaw Cablesystems G.P.

Pamela Dinsmore
Vice-President, Regulatory-Cable
Rogers Communications Canada Inc.

RE:     Part 1 Application by Rogers Communications Canada Inc. and Shaw Cablesystems G.P. for compensation for costs of relocating lines located on, over, under or along British Columbia highways – Request for information

Dear Kevin Contzen , Paul Cowling, and Pamela Dinsmore:

CRTC staff is requesting that you confirm whether an agreement has been reached with regard to compensation for costs of relocating transmission lines located on, over, under or along British Columbia highways or, otherwise, if the circumstances described in this application have changed since it was initially filed. Should such an agreement have been reached, CRTC staff requests that it be provided to the Commission.

Note that staff is not seeking new submissions pertaining to the matters raised in this proceeding.

Parties are to respond to this request by 12 August 2022.

Where a document is to be filed or served by a specific date, the document must be actually received, not merely sent, by that date. The Commission requires the response or other documents to be submitted electronically by using the secured service “My CRTC Account” (Partner Log In or GCKey) and filling the “Telecom Cover page” located on this web page. 

A copy of this letter and any subsequent correspondence will be added to the public record of this proceeding.


Original signed by

Lisanne Legros
Director, Telecommunications Networks Policy
Telecommunications Sector

c.c.:   Parties to the application and intervenors (;;;;;

Matthew Tošaj, CRTC, 613-878-6887,
Matthew Welch, CRTC, 873-455-1959,

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