Broadcasting - Commission Letter addressed to Ricardo Lamour and Gabrièle Gilbert

Ottawa, 25 January 2021


Ricardo Lamour
Black, artist

Gabrièle Gilbert
Black, doctoral student in psychology
By email:

Re: Applications # 2019-0280-0, 2019-0279-2, 2019-0282-5 and 2019-0281-7

The Commission is in receipt of your 20 January 2021 collective letter entitled Absence of racialized voices at CRTC public hearings regarding the hearing on the renewal of the English and French language audio and audiovisual programming services of the Société Radio-Canada/Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (the Corporation).

As announced in the Notice of Hearing (Broadcasting Notice of Consultation CRTC 2019-379), issues surrounding the reflection of Canada’s diversity, including women, Indigenous peoples, ethnic and multicultural groups, are key issues in this process. As with each of its public processes, the Commission invited and encouraged all Canadians to submit their views. In the course of this proceeding, the Commission received more than 20,000 interventions. During the hearing, the Corporation was questioned extensively on these issues, and the Commission continues to pursue questions with the intervenors. You can watch the hearing live,, and/or you can access the transcripts at the following link

The Commission wishes to assure you that it will take into account concerns regarding the reflection of Canada’s diversity raised during this process in making its decision.


Original signed by

Scott Shortliffe
Executive Director, Broadcasting

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